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Onslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of Tanks

In the previous article we told you about the gameplay mechanics of the "Onslaught" mode, and now let's get into the competitive side of the new game event. The Gryphon season will run from October 12, 11:00 a.m. (MSC) to November 21, 01:00 a.m. (MSC). During this time period, players will earn ranking points to advance through the divisions and up the ranks. With each new position on the leaderboard, you will move closer and closer to the highest rank, Legend, and the most valuable rewards.

Ranking System and Battle Balancing

"Onslaught" is a new competitive mode. Unlike Random Battles, in which the composition of the team depends on the selected vehicle, "Onslaught" battles involve X level combat vehicles of players of the same rank.

The Combat Balancer takes into account each player's rank to select opponents with a similar position in the ranking system. In other words, the battles will be attended by teams of tankers, formed on the basis of the achieved rank, division and the number of rating points earned. Thus in the battle for the titles of the best teams will meet equal in strength and skill.

  • Players will not be able to get into the same battle if the difference in positions is more than 10 divisions.
  • Single players and platoons of two players will fight predominantly against other single players and platoons of two tank players.
  • Only one platoon of two players can be part of a team, but only if the opponent is not a super platoon.
  • Super platoons will fight predominantly against other super platoons.
  • On the rare occasions when a single player or two player platoon is up against a super platoon, they will receive more ranking points for winning and lose less if they lose.
  • The rank of a single-player or two-player platoon will be higher than the average rank of the Super Platoon it will fight against.
  • The composition of the opposing team does not affect the number of rating points gained or lost by the super platoon.

Rating points system

The number of rating points a player gains or loses after the battle depends on the outcome of the battle and its results. The system evaluates the contribution of each player based on the earned prestige points and compares it to the average performance of the team. Prestige points are awarded for active actions during a battle.

In case of winning a battle:

  • Calculates the team's average performance score based on the prestige points earned.
  • The distribution of rating points will depend on the average performance of the team.
  • Players with a performance score higher than the team average will receive more rating points.
  • Players whose performance is below the team average will receive fewer rating points.

In case of a draw or a loss in a battle:

  • A calculation of the team's average performance score based on prestige points earned.
  • The number of rating points lost will depend on the average performance of the team.
  • Players with a performance score higher than the team average will lose fewer rating points.
  • Players whose performance is below the team average will lose more ranking points.

Players are guaranteed to lose a significant amount of rating points for deserting or taking no action in combat, regardless of the outcome of the combat.

Platoons and formations

You have three different ways to engage in combat in Onslaught mode.

  • You can go into battle alone.
  • Players can team up and fight in a platoon of two players
  • Groups of players can form a Super Platoon

A super platoon consists of seven players and can take part in "Onslaught" battles as a complete team.

Platoon of two players: the difference between the values of rating points among the players must not exceed 350.

Seven-player Super Platoon: the difference between the highest and lowest ranking points
of the players may not exceed 500.

Players may choose the same combat vehicles as their teammates, and there are no restrictions in terms of vehicle classes.

Voice Chat

In Onslaught mode, players will be able to communicate with their teammates and coordinate tactics via voice chat.

This feature is disabled by default. To join, press the "H" key (by default) or the "Activate voice chat" button in the interface. If a player is present in the voice chat, he will be marked by a special icon.

During the pre-combat preparation the voice chat of the platoon/super platoon turns into the command chat. If the player did not turn off the voice chat while being in the platoon, he will be automatically connected to the command chat at the beginning of the battle.

Ranks of the "Onslaught" mode

There are a total of seven ranks in competitive mode:

  • "Debutant."
  • "Iron"
  • "Bronze
  • "Silver"
  • "Gold"
  • "Champion"
  • "Legend."

Each of the five main ranks (Debutante to Gold) is divided into four divisions (D, C, B, and A). All players start in the D Division at the Debutante ranking. As you earn rating points, you will gradually move from division to division until you reach the Gold rank. You will need at least 800 rating points - 50 points for advancing to the next division. Don't forget, ranking points can be earned for wins and lost for losses, draws and defections.

Champion and Legend

Promotion to the Champion and Legend ranks is different: these ranks include only one division and do not require any specific number of rating points. There is only one rule: players who are in the top 10% of the leaderboard by rating points are automatically promoted to the rank of "Legend".

Thus, the number of players who have reached the rank of "Legend" varies depending on the number of players who have reached the rank of "Champion". The transition between the ranks Champion and Legend occurs every 15 minutes, together with an update of the Leaderboards.


Only Champions and Legends are displayed on the dynamic Onslaught leaderboard in the game client.

The position of the player in the leaderboard depends on the number of rating points. If the players have the same number of rating points, the higher position will have the one who has spent more battles in the mode. Leadership table is updated every 15 minutes.

Rank inactivity

Players ranked Silver or higher will lose ranking points for prolonged inactivity. When a player falls into one of these four ranks, each battle brings them a certain number of activity charges. Players will receive these charges regardless of the outcome of the battle, but they will not be awarded to those who do not act or receive an early exit penalty.

Please note: the number of charges in the Activity Reserve may not exceed 14, and a depletion system of 1 charge per day applies. If a player has no activity charges at the end of the game event day (01:00 MSK), he will lose some rating points depending on his rank.

Thus, a player with a full Activity Reserve has 14 days to resume play before some of his rank points are lost. And rank inactivity for an extended period of time will lead to relegation to Division A at the Bronze rank.

* The rank inactivity system allows players to take a break, and at the same time keeps the competitive spirit up until the end of the Onslaught mode. Players must continually participate in mode battles in order to maintain their earned position on the leaderboard and earn the most valuable rewards.


Onslaught mode includes two reward lines with unique appearance elements for progression progression and other equally valuable rewards for victories.

Progression Rewards.
- Victory Rewards.
The second line of rewards includes boons, credits, equipment, personal reserves, gear, and more. Players have eight stages of progression based on the number of wins in "Onslaught" mode. Players must achieve a certain number of victories to pass a stage and earn rewards.

** Playing in "Onslaught" mode will also allow you to earn Battle Pass points.

Discipline System

Quitting a battle prematurely or doing nothing can cause significant discomfort to your allies. That is why disciplinary penalties exist - to prevent unwanted behavior and to punish players who worsen the position of the team in battle.

In the following cases, the player will be penalized with a penalty in rating points and a temporary blocking:

  • Leaving combat during pre-fight preparation;
  • Inactivity in combat;
  • premature withdrawal from combat in the presence of combat-ready equipment.

*** Please note: You will lose more rating points for quitting a battle prematurely than for the most unsuccessful battle. If you defect repeatedly, the duration of the lock will increase.

Onslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of TanksOnslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of TanksOnslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of TanksOnslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of TanksOnslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of TanksOnslaught 2022: Rating system and rewards in World of Tanks
30 september 2022 year


Вот вафля идет 3 год вроде. А в боях до сих пор есть люди которые пишут что не знают как играть и тупо фармят ботов. Я думаю тут био материалы 48% и ниже ваще ни хрена не поймут. Вот мне в первый день вафли выпало 18 дней према ( я удивился от щедрости) а играть ну не охото. часа 3 может поиграл и забил. Думаю и это говно не буду играть.
wadka (wadka) wadka (wadka)
02 october 2022 year
Тупо фармят ботов потому что у разрабов тупые задания - когда все выполнены, остаётся "Попасть 2 раза в топ-3 по урону" и что бы забрать марки забивают на победу и колотят урон.
Возможно Кукуруза и ты туповат, если понимаешь ТОЛЬКО СВОИ интересы
Можно и марки собирать, и на победу нормально играть. Но в твоем зачатии видимо участвовала команда моряков и ящик абсолюта. Тебе бы лучше молчать, потому как Попасть 2 раза в топ-3 по урону можно быстро победив вафлю. А не от спавна до спавна гонять как идиот.
wadka (wadka) wadka (wadka)
03 october 2022 year
А тебя видимо зачали кукурузиной...т.к. я не про себя говорил, а про других игроков. Бате-качану привет!
Oilo (Oilo) Oilo (Oilo)
04 april
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